During my year as High Sheriff I was privileged to visit a number of projects that are supported by Cheshire

Crimebeat.  Without exception these visits allowed me to see the enormous amount of good that is being

carried out by volunteers at the very grass roots of our communities.  It is so easy to gain the impression

that our country is going to rack and ruin if you watch the television news or read the newspapers.  It is

only when you have the opportunity to see what is really going on that you realise what a wonderful and truly

‘giving’ country that we are.

Crimebeat is at the very heart of this. They seek out volunteer, community charities that need a relatively

small investment in order to make them even more effective. By encouraging these community initiatives

Crimebeat produce an incredible and inspiring range of outcomes.  To illustrate this, last year Crimebeat

made 106 awards, the most awards they have ever made in one year. Since being founded in 1998,

the charity has now given away over £200,000 of investment. These facts bear witness to the

drive and commitment of the Crimebeat team, especially Mark Watson and Michael Trevor-Barnston.

Cheshire Crimebeat is a shining example of this national movement and to illustrate this I conclude by outlining the following examples of their good work.  Long may they continue.

Bill Holroyd CBE DL

High Sheriff of Cheshire 2015/16

What is Cheshire Crimebeat?

Recent Events

Introduction to Crimebeat from the High Sheriff of Cheshire

PC Liz Stanton and the Cheshire Crimebeat Charity Co-ordinator, Mark Watson, have undertaken a unique opportunity to experience a night in the shoes of many children and young people across Cheshire and the UK who are homeless or forced to sleep rough for all sorts of reasons. We've done it on the night before Children in Need and now have just some idea of what it is like - cold, wet and windy in our case. Thank you so much to all who have donated, you have been wonderfully kind.

For more than 1,000 years, High Sheriffs have had a responsibility for upholding law and order and today still work closely with the police, the judiciary, local authorities, education and other agencies. In part, this is done through the network of local Crimebeat schemes which High Sheriffs have set up in their counties.

Cheshire Crimebeat is a charity that sponsors young people to enable them to undertake projects in support of their community. Since its launch in 1998 the charity has enabled the High Sheriff of Cheshire to play an active role in the prevention and reduction of juvenile crime with Crimebeat being supported by both the High Sheriff of Cheshire and the Cheshire Constabulary.

Cheshire Crimebeat awards grants to groups of young people (anyone aged between 5 and 25) for projects which contain a significant element of community safety or citizenship work and allow young people to tackle the problems of their community themselves.

Since its inception, Cheshire Crimebeat has consistently delivered projects that place young people at the heart of improving local quality of life. These youngsters have played an active role in finding positive alternatives to crime and disorder, raising social and environmental awareness and reducing risks to health and safety, whilst all the time encouraging respect between different sections of the community.

There have been over 740 projects to date which have included tackling underage drinking, drugs, vandalism, graffiti and more recently, text bullying and cyber-crime. Well over a quarter of a million young people have been involved in the projects across the whole of Cheshire.

Cheshire Crimebeat is open to applications all year around and prides itself on being able to process those applications in the shortest possible time.

Support of Crimebeat and our young people gives them an opportunity to improve our communities throughout Cheshire. Even a small contribution will provide enormous benefits out of all proportion to any investment. ALL money donated by individuals and grant making bodies is spent on projects covering the entire county.

Further information can be found on the Cheshire Crimebeat website:-

Alternatively you can contact:-
Mark Watson
Cheshire Crimebeat Co-ordinator
Engagement Department, Cheshire Constabulary HQ, Clemonds Hey,
Oakmere Road, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 2UA. Tel: 01606 364559

Email: mark.watson@cheshire.pnn.police.uk

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