Introduction to Crimebeat from the High Sheriff of Cheshire

 Visiting a few of many projects supported by Cheshire Crimebeat

gives the High Sheriff an entrée into some of the really important

work that is going on to support crime prevention amongst young

people right across our County.  The projects you will read about

encapsulate the diversity of schemes, sometimes jointly funded

with other organisations such as the Police and

Crime Commissioner’s Fund.
Cheshire Crimebeat itself has seen some big changes over the

past two years- firstly with the retirement, at the end of 2013, of

Frank Harding who had been its Co-ordinator ever since it was launched by High Sheriff Michael Trevor-Barnston in 1998.  An enormous debt is owed to Frank who has helped 16 different High Sheriffs – a challenge in itself – get to know more about the issues facing young people in Cheshire and some of the brilliant solutions they themselves are developing to tackle them.

It cannot have been easy following in Frank’s footsteps but our new Co-ordinator, Mark Watson, who took up post in April 2014, has made a great start.  2014-15 has seen an impressive eighty six projects funded up from an average of thirty – thirty five and also the amount granted has risen from £10,561 in 2013/14 to £23,387 last year.  The Trustees of Crimebeat also took the decision to raise the maximum grant available from £500 to £1,000 to meet the needs of some of the more ambitious projects.  However crucially it remains the case that even a very small amount can make a real difference to many small organisations.   Impressively all the money that is received through donations or grants is spent on the projects themselves and this charity is really fleet of foot in being able to respond to applications very quickly. 

It is an honour for each High Sheriff to be associated with such a successful charity and a tribute to Michael, still actively involved as Chairman, that in November 2014 we reached the significant milestone of 600 projects supported and thousands and thousands of young people helped.  Not enough people know about Cheshire Crimebeat so I hope that you enjoy reading about some of the projects funded this year and please spread the word and help encourage future applications.


Susan Sellers, High Sheriff of Cheshire 2014/15

Working Together for cheshire
Cheshire crimebeat

PC Liz Stanton and the Cheshire Crimebeat Charity Co-ordinator, Mark Watson, have undertaken a unique opportunity to experience a night in the shoes of many children and young people across Cheshire and the UK who are homeless or forced to sleep rough for all sorts of reasons. We've done it on the night before Children in Need and now have just some idea of what it is like - cold, wet and windy in our case. Thank you so much to all who have donated, you have been wonderfully kind.

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